Building Power Among Farmworkers



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Campesinos’ Gardens

Rooted in the social and environmental ethics of agroecology, the Campesinos’ Gardens blend organic production methods with traditional agricultural knowledge to improve local food systems in farmworker communities. Ironically, farmworkers who work to provide food for the masses, often have little access to affordable fresh foods for their own families. Utilizing lands owned by local government, the Campesinos’ Gardens model engages primarily farmworker families in meaningful sustainable agriculture efforts. Through family memberships, engaged gardeners learn to work with the earth’s natural systems to produce delicious, nutritious edibles without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Simultaneously, their skills and potential as small farmers are enhanced. Local farmers’ markets enable the Gardens to reach additional community members with naturally-ripened, freshly-harvested produce. The Campesinos’ Gardens, created and governed by farmworkers and other community members serving on decision-making committees, were founded in Fellsmere in 2010, and are expanding to Pierson and Florida City/Homestead in 2014.