Fellsmere Area-Office

Hurricanes devastated the east coast of Florida in 2004. The little town of Fellsmere, west of Vero Beach on Florida’s east coast and populated largely by farmworkers working in the vast citrus groves in the area, was especially hard-hit. With few food, clothing and housing resources reaching the community and with many undocumented immigrants fearful of asking for assistance, FWAF staff traveled to Fellsmere to address the hardships faced by the farmworker community. Finding and developing partners with other local organizations, FWAF began organizing farmworkers in Fellsmere to petition government officials to meet the needs of the people.

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, YAYA volunteered working in the community garden of Fellsmere, about an hour and a half south of Orlando. The weather when we left carpooling from Orlando was brisk, but sure enough, when we arrived in Fellsmere it was sunny, warm and welcoming. The perfect day to get ones hands dirty.