Our organizational philosophy rests in challenging systems which keep farmworkers and the rural poor in situations of poverty, exploitation, and powerlessness. We believe in the collective power of our membership and will continue to build a strong, unified force that gives power to these disenfranchised populations. We welcome you to join our struggle for better living and working conditions, for equity and justice for farmworker families and communities.  Farmworkers are the backbone of our food system.  Next time you sit down to eat, remember to Thank a Farmworker.

The Farmworker Association of Florida has been building power among Florida’s farmworkers for more than 25 years.  With roots in  the Hispanic, Haitian, and African-American communities across Central and South Florida, the organization has a solid history of leadership development and generating effective action for social change.   As a grassroots, farmworker-membership, community-based organization, FWAF is lead and governed by the farmworker communities in which we work.