Florida is making a statement to the country - we will be on our knees to Washington, DC to send a message to our lawmakers and to the public.  In a show of gratitude to all the millions of immigrant families in the U.S. today, we will be walking on our knees until we are heard.
Called the Knee-A-Thon Pilgrimage, the effort arose from a community in Sebring, Florida in an effort to draw attention to the daily reality that immigrants in this country are facing, in the current climate of fear and intimidation against immigrants in the U.S.  Racial profiling, detentions, deportations, workplace raids, separation of families - these are the harsh realities that too many in our community are facing.  Rather than hide in fear from the ugly rhetoric in the news media harshly targeting immigrants, supporters will be drawing attention to their cause and seeking media attention to raise the issues with lawmakers and the public.  Kneelers meet every Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 10am to take turns marching on their knees.  The Farmworker Association of Florida is supporting this effort with the donation of knees pads and in marching with others.
Read the article below.  If you would like to join the pilgrimage, contact Santos De La Rosa through Facebook at "Knee-A-Thon: Thank You Pilgrimage."  
Thanks for your support!


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